When Corporate Goodwill Comes Naturally

September 13, 2019 / Interview By: Nancy Harper, United Way WRC Editorial Content Creator

People of United Way Profile: Sherri Woodman
(General Manager, Reliance Home Comfort)

Reliance employees give from the heart.

With 2,200+ engaged employees in branches from Vancouver to Ottawa, Reliance Home Comfort is proud to be an equally engaged employer with a matching-gift program for United Way. In just one two-week period in 2018, Reliance raised more than $458,000, setting a fantastic example for the corporate community.

It’s easy to see that Waterloo Region is prospering, but there are many individuals within our community that aren’t. The success that we have with our United Way campaign can be replicated in many other companies if we all work together.

“People in our company really want to help out. They feel proud to give back.  We’ve got people on our team that shared their own experiences, and it was clear to see that United Way helped them and their families. We don’t feel like we have to do it.  We want to do it because we’re in a position that we can give back — and you never know when one day you will need to get help from United Way. 

“United Way is able to reach out to everyone in need, and it’s not limited to a certain demographic or specific area.  During our campaign we have a full day where we invite speakers from United Way to come in and inform us of the services and organizations that they support within our community. Often times we’ll go out to the organizations and help out by volunteering our time.  Our contributions are going back into the community and to the people we see every day who need that help.”

- Sherri Woodman


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