1 IN 20 HOUSEHOLDS  in Waterloo Region experience hunger.

1 in 3 food bank users are children under the age of 13.
(Source: Community Food Assistance Network)

Turning to a food bank for help can be a difficult choice made harder by the stigma attached to poverty. That’s why creating a safe and judgment-free environment is critical. Food co-ops, like the one Kevin participated in, go one step further and give food bank users the chance to also give back. “Right away I had a sense of community,” says Kevin. Working in the co-op store gave Kevin a sense of belonging and accomplishment, while helping to meet some of his most basic needs. Last year, United Way funded programs made it possible for more than 22,000 people to access food.

United Way funded programs made it possible for 22,338 individuals to access food in Waterloo Region.

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