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United Way Waterloo Region Communities is dedicated to helping people live better lives in every one of the seven communities we serve.

We are fundraisers who support a network of agencies whose programs and services are locally focused, informed, connected, and deeply invested in helping people reach their full potential.

Wherever you live, we need your help to support people living in poverty, to empower youth, and to build stronger neighbourhoods in Waterloo Region.

It starts with one. One person, one organization, one decision to make a change in our community. Will you take the challenge?

United As One Challenge

During the last two weeks of March, United Way is challenging local citizens to step up for Waterloo Region. By giving to one of United Way’s targeted funds, you can help meet people’s basic needs, break down the barriers that hold them back, and help them take meaningful steps toward a better future.

Our Community Needs You.

We asked our partner agencies what it would look like if Waterloo Region community services had all the funding they needed. Here’s what they told us.

Your donation has the power to not only impact our community as a whole, but also to  change the lives of vulnerable individuals.

Shawn's Story

Director, Membership for the YMCAs of Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo.

Shawn knew deep down that he wanted more from life. But as each new day brought another wave of uncertainty, he had no idea where to turn.

Without a strong support system, young people face an uphill battle as they navigate adolescence and the transition to adulthood. And worse still, youth like Shawn are at risk of never realizing their full potential if there isn’t someone in their life rooting for them and helping them discover what they’re truly capable of.

Fortunately, the tide began to turn when a school friend invited Shawn to join him at the YMCA, an agency United Way is proud to invest in. Shawn and his friends quickly became regulars, building a rapport with the dedicated staff who offered consistent support and guidance.

Where this teen once had been so unsure of his future, he now had many role models cheering him on. Thanks to United Way funded programs, he was able to explore opportunities he never thought possible, like attending university and building a meaningful career. Shawn began to create his own definition of success.

Today he is a devoted YMCA employee, driven to inspire other young people and committed to changing the odds for them — just as they were changed for him.

Double Your Impact

By joining the challenge today (until March 31), your donation to United Way Waterloo Region Communities’ Supporting Youth, Ending Isolation or Fighting Hunger Funds will be matched— dollar for dollar — by a generous United Way donor.*

Help Unite Waterloo Region.

You can make a meaningful difference.
Click on one of the donation amounts below to support a cause you care about.

Support Youth

$10 can give one youth access to a peer mentor to help them learn about positive mental wellbeing, helping them reach their full potential.

 $40 can help one youth improve their coping skills and self-esteem through a series of workshops creating better life choices and higher graduation rates.


$10 can provide 3 free rides for a senior or individual living with disabilities to help them live their daily lives.

$35 can connect one isolated senior with a friendly visitor who can build a lasting relationship.


$10 can provide one individual with emergency food and skills so they can better meet their needs.

$35 can provide an emergency food hamper to a family of four who otherwise would not be able to put food on the table.

*Donations will be matched up to $20,000 per fund (youth, isolation, hunger) until March 31.

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